The Yoke + Erin's Apt Studio Featured on YogaCity NYC

Image credit: YogaCity NYC

Image credit: YogaCity NYC

I'm excited, proud, and grateful to have been featured alongside my friend Bill and our student Raquel in this article highlighting The Yoke.  Read the full story here:  Yoga Outside The Studio System

Some of my favorite quotes:

"If New York’s studios are the yoga version of the Hollywood movie system, Bill Loundy’s The Yoke is the independent alternative."
"It is both a website and a community for teachers and students with a simple mission: to create a world where “teachers make more and students pay less.” 

Raquel Penzo is a student who practices regularly with both Loundy and Lamberty. “Like many New Yorkers, the bulk of my money goes to just existing here,” she noted. “Having the option to attend quality classes with trained yoga teachers at a lower price really helps out. Even if I end up paying the same per class via donations, it's good to know that on weeks or months when money is tight, I can still take a class.”

Penzo likes the intimate setting and personal attention of The Yoke experience. “I've found the classes to be better than bigger studio classes,” she said. “You can really get attention when there are only four or five other students in the room.”