Work From Home Yoga

These pro tips were originally shared in the May 2016 newsletter. Sign-up here to get the scoop delivered directly to your inbox once a month. 

I spend most of my days in the office with my team, but sometimes working from home is the best way to create a little work-life balance. Here are two of my fave poses for breaking up work form home days, but these can be done at your desk or on the weekends! 

1) Supported Forward Bend on the Table

I love this version of a forward bend! Here I have four yoga blankets folded into a rectangle shape, but you can use any blanket or firm pillow to support your upper body. 

Walk yourself close enough to the table so that your hip crease lines up with the corner of the blanket stack. Lift your chest and lean forward to drape your torso over the blankets. Your hips should be stacked over your heels if possible. Rest your forearms on the table and turn your head to one side. Stay for several breaths and change the direction of your head halfway through. 

2) Table Pigeon Pose

My parents would not approve of me purchasing jeans with holes in them or putting my elbows on the table, but I think they'll let it slide for the sake of my yoga demonstration. 

The muscles that surround and support our hips do a lot for us when in motion, but also are affected by our stillness when we spend a lot of time sitting. Your side butt gets angry! 

For this version of pigeon pose, bring one knee, shin, and foot up onto the table. The lifted foot will stay flexed with toes pointing back towards your shin. You should feel the stretch in your outer hip area of the bent leg. If that's feeling OK you can explore folding forward by coming down to your forearms. If this feels uncomfy in your knee, please skip this pose!