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All classes are open to all levels, and limited to 6 people! 

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Private yoga sessions are an investment in starting, deepening, or evolving your practice. Customized classes will be designed based on your goals, abilities, and desired outcomes (though I will remind you that practice makes practice, not perfect). 

One-on-one sessions are also a great option for injury management and recovery. Safe sequences can be designed to help you continue with a modified practice while healing and for easing back into practice. 

My experience was phenomenal. Erin was completely non-judgmental in a truly authentic, great energy kind of way without being preachy. She made me feel like I was doing a great job even when I knew I was only 40% of the way into a proper position; that acknowledgment made me want to lunge lower and stretch higher. I saw progression in my time with her (and can now touch my toes!) but more than anything else, I’ve decided to continue my studies. - Erin D., Brooklyn

office yoga

Yoga is a great way to complement workplace health and wellness programs. Classes can be scheduled for the morning, during lunch, or in the evening and can be designed for teams looking for an active way to break up the week or as a way to relieve physical and mental tension. Workshops and special events can also be scheduled. 

I had never done yoga before! In a short amount of time, Erin not only got me to understand what yoga was (conceptually) but also allowed me to experience how good yoga makes you FEEL. She had a very open and calm manner that made me feel welcome and at ease even though I was a complete newbie. I left the session in a much better headspace, and my body feeling relaxed. - Kathy, NYC


This four session series is designed for students who have always been curious about yoga but aren’t sure where to start. In one-on-one or small group sessions we will break down the fundamentals of sun salutations, basic standing postures, and breathing techniques. Accessible variations will be practiced in preparation for group classes in a studio environment. 

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To learn more about practice dates, times, rates, and to set up a free consultation please submit your information below or email me at EJLyoga@gmail.com. See you on the mat!

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